Urban Space Epics evolved out of a series of projects and adventures, including work with psychedelic light show artists, 20th century composers, and street music in North Africa and Spain.

As a multimedia performance the emphasis is on dynamics that amplify the improvisational elements of ancient epic narrative form with real-time manipulated film, video, slide projections and live music.

The musical/audio components of Urban Space Epics include; chant, analogue Moog synthesizer, electric Kalimba’s, xylophone, slide guitar, wind instruments and a variety of world music instruments. While the emphasis remains on live music music-concret passages are also mixed in real-time from field recordings, prepared tape loops and poetry chanted in various world languages as segues.

Now based in Prague variations of theĀ Urban Space Epics can be heard sporadically in conjunction with projects by Extraterrestrials, Birds Build Nests Underground Orchestra, Pronefoal and other forward looking artists.